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Aspherical Lenses

Aspherical Lenses

product description

The complex surface profile of an asphere can significantly reduce or even eliminate spherical aberrations comparing to spherical lenses.

Hence, asphericals have been increasingly more widely explored and adopted during the optical design stage.

Aspheres can replace a complex multi-element spherical system to achieve a lighter and more compact optical system.

The resulting design has higher transmittance and in most cases, costs less than the multi-lens spherical design, especially at production volumes.

Applications :

The aspheric lens, with the curvature radius changing with the center axis, is used to improve optical quality, reduce optical elements, and reduce design costs.

The aspheric lens has a unique advantage over spherical lens, therefore, it has been widely used in optical instruments, images and optoelectronic industries, such as digital cameras, CD players and high-end microdevices.

Product Advantage :

ICC is equipped with single point diamond turning(SPDT) machine  – the machine grinds the optical material to

achieve ultra-high precision shape by leveraging the accuracy and repeatability of a computerized, numerically-controlled

machine mechanism. Our process begins by grinding the bulk raw material into the closest fitting sphere,

and then contouring the aspheric shape from edge to center. Typical available materials within our fabrication capabilities are

Copper, aluminium,optical glass, ZnSe, ZnS, CaF2,Ge,Si,GaAs, and chalcogenide glass types. We also accept materials supplied by our clients

Processable calibres: 0~350mm,Ra<3nm,PV<0.2um

Product Parameters :

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