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  • Silicon wafer
    Silicon wafer

    Silicon single crystal is usually used as the substrate of 3-5μm mid-wave infrared optical window and optical filter.  It is a common material for making laser mirror, infrared temperature measurement and infrared optical lens because of its good thermal conductivity and low density.

  • FTIR Spectral Optics
    FTIR Spectral Optics

    Analytical sensing detection field and medical field; light source gas cell, gas module, flame detection, water analysis, spectral analyzer, infrared temperature measurement, coal mine, medical and other fields

  • Infrared optics
    Infrared optics

    Infrared optics are used to collect, focus or collimate light in the near infrared (NIR), short wave infrared (SWIR), mid wave infrared (MWIR) or long wave infrared (LWIR) spectra. The infrared spectrum falls into the 700 – 16000 nm wavelengths, with each spectral range as follows.

    NIR 700 – 900nm
    SWIR 900 – 2300nm
    MWIR 3000 – 5000nm
    LWIR 8000 – 14000nm

  • Witness samples
    Witness samples

    Witness samples
    Witness samples allow testing without handling the actual part, to ensure the coating process is accurate before moving forward with the optical component. And after coating, the witness samples are often used to measure reflectivity, transmission, and polarization, as well as humidity, temperature, durability, and salt fog tests. The witness material is should be the same as the substrate material and is almost always the industry standard of roughly 1” (25 mm/25.4mm) in diameter  to accommodate the size of standard spectrophotometers tooling .

  • FTIR windows
    FTIR windows

    FTIR transmission windows – round,square,drilled, and customized
    Transmission spectroscopy is one of the basic techniques for IR analysis. The sample and wavelength to be analysed determine the choice of window material, path length and window arrangement.

  • UV.VIS. IR windows
    UV.VIS. IR windows

    Intrinsic have very strong ability for the optical windows, we have three fabrication technique of pitch polishing, double side polishing and contact polishing to supply windows size from 1.2mm to 350mm with thickness from 0.12mm to 60mm, and the shape can be round, square, drilled, step, and customized based on our CNC machines. Usually we need CAD drawing to work with customized shape windows.
    ICC windows can reach high level precision like s/d 10-5; flatness 1/10l@633nm; parallelism less than 5min; bevel 0.1-0.25mm; Ra <1nm based on testing devices of ZyGO, AFM, 15sec gonimeter, and 2D imaging system.
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