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  • laser mirror& laser lens
    laser mirror& laser lens

    Laser optics are used in laser instruments or laser applications, including beam control or material handling.
    In general, substrates require higher finish, better roughness, and laser damage thresholds for pulsed or continuous lasers, such as better finish than 20-10, Ra <1 nm and 3 kw.

    ICC has extensive experience in providing optical Windows, spherical lenses, cylindrical lenses, scanning mirrors, prisms and beam splitters for laser optical systems.
    These optical devices have been widely used in F-Theta lenses, collimators, rangefinders, beam amplifiers, scanning mirrors, objective lenses, and laser cutting equipment.

    The working principle of the laser galvanometer is to incident the laser beam on the volume mirror, and use a calculator to control the reflection angle of the mirror.

    The two mirrors can scan along the x-axis respectively to achieve the deflection of the laser beam. It has a certain power The density of the laser focal point, and then mark the material according to the required movement, leaving a permanent mark on the surface of the material, the scanning laser system must rely on sedation to accurately locate the laser beam.

    Application: laser galvanometer, suitable for yaj laser assembly, CO2 laser can be used in a variety of industrial applications, such as laser marking, laser drilling, laser welding.