• Silicon Wafer Fabrication
    Silicon Wafer Fabrication

    ICC supply material blanks, as cut,lapped and 2” to 8” wafers. Include optical,mirror and semiconductor grade silicon material.

  • Install flanged infrared window
    Install flanged infrared window

    Infrared window is an optical window that can pass through ultraviolet light, visible light and infrared light.

    Mainly used in LV,MV,HV switchgear, metal armoured cabinet, infrared thermal imager, missile observation window, motor junction box, etc.

  • Single-channel pyroelectric detector (For flame detection)S01-V A0
    Single-channel pyroelectric detector (For flame detection)S01-V A0

    Sapphire filter, because sapphire has the cut-off characteristic of long wave infrared, the detector has both high signal amplitude and anti-interference performance, and is often used in fire water cannon.Sapphire substrate filter will be the development trend of pyroelectric flame detector in the future.