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  • Lithium Fluoride(liF) Lenses
    Lithium Fluoride(liF) Lenses

    Proxy Crystals offers lithium fluoride lens blanks, plano-convex lenses, prisms and aspheres. The process used is a combination of PITECH polishing and DTM.
    Lenses are available up to 4″.

  • Lithium fluoride(LiF) oriented materials
    Lithium fluoride(LiF) oriented materials

    LiF has excellent optical properties, especially in the deep ultraviolet band. With the development of deep ultraviolet technology in recent years, lithium fluoride crystals have received more and more attention for their high transmittance and short cut-off wavelength in the deep ultraviolet band. Lithium fluoride is a tetragonal crystal system, and the crystals can be grown as single polycrystalline blocks or single crystals with directional growth. Therefore, there is a difference between single crystal and polycrystalline lithium fluoride. Polycrystals are mostly used as protective windows; single crystals can be used as lenses, prisms and viewing windows. The most common orientation of crystals is 100, but 111 is also used.

  • Lithium fluoride(LiF) coating material
    Lithium fluoride(LiF) coating material

    We provide lithium fluoride coating particle materials and coating target materials. Mainly used for OLED electrode coating and screen coating layers, the size can be 1-3 or 3-6 mm; also can be 0.1-1 mm; the purity is above 4N, review REACH and ROHS standards. Lithium fluoride coating target is mainly D40-50*50-60mm crystal material, the effect and quality is more

  • Lithium fluoride(LiF)
    Lithium fluoride(LiF)

    ICC has lithium fluoride material in ultraviolet/deep ultraviolet, which can be used for extreme ultraviolet light source, LED panel coating, ULTRAVIOLET detection and sensing.

    LIF is highly water-soluble, and has strict requirements on optical processing and storage, and dissociation often occurs. Therefore, the archive of the polishing sheet is mostly used for plating a protective film.

    With more than 10 years of processing experience, Intrinsic can meet the high precision and low chipping requirements of LIF processing, and better meet the needs of the market. Lithium fluoride is used in windows, lenses and prisms in vacuum ultraviolet, ultraviolet, visible and infrared.