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Lithium fluoride(LiF)

Lithium fluoride(LiF)

product description

ICC has lithium fluoride material in ultraviolet/deep ultraviolet, which can be used for extreme ultraviolet light source, LED panel coating, ULTRAVIOLET detection and sensing.

LIF is highly water-soluble, and has strict requirements on optical processing and storage, and dissociation often occurs. Therefore, the archive of the polishing sheet is mostly used for plating a protective film.

With more than 10 years of processing experience, Intrinsic can meet the high precision and low chipping requirements of LIF processing, and better meet the needs of the market. Lithium fluoride is used in windows, lenses and prisms in vacuum ultraviolet, ultraviolet, visible and infrared.


Applications :

Product Advantage :

These places require a transmittance between 0.15 µm and 6 µm, and appropriate precautions should be taken to prevent damage from moisture and high-energy radiation. LiF will be corroded by atmospheric moisture at 400°C, and will soften at 600°C. LiF is sensitive to thermal shock. This is currently the best VUV emitter.

Lithium fluoride material:

ICC offers the largest size D100 single crystal LiF and D150 mm polycrystalline LiF. The direction can be 100, 111, 200, etc.

Product Parameters :

The optical properties

Through the range

0.105 – 7.4mm



The refractive index

1.392 @ 0.6μm

1.37327 @ 2.50mm

Reflection loss

5.2% @ 0.6μm (双面)

Absorption coefficient[cm-1]

5.9 x 10-3 @ 4.3 μm

Physical properties


Melting point[℃]


Thermal conductivity[W/(m×K)]

11.3 @ 314K

Coefficient of thermal expansion[10-6/K]

37.0 @ 283K

Knoop hardness[kg/mm2]

102 (600g)

Specific heat capacity[J/(kg×K)]


Dielectric constant

9.0 @ 1MHz

Apparent elastic limit[MPa]

11.2 (1620 psi)

The poisson coefficient


The chemical characteristics


2.7g @ 20℃

The molecular weight



Cubic crystal system

Dissociative side


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