• Zirconia Oxygen Analyzer
    Zirconia Oxygen Analyzer

    BZ series zirconia oxygen analyzer is mainly composed of two parts: “BZ-S probe” and “BZ-W transmitter”.

    1.BZ-S probe: It is an oxygen sensor equipped with zirconium oxide battery, whose main function is to measure the oxygen content in flue gas in real time and output the corresponding oxygen potential signal data.

    2.BZ-W type transmitter: one is to control the working temperature of the thermostat at the front of the probe; the other is to convert the potential signal value output from the probe into the corresponding oxygen value, and convert the oxygen value into the corresponding current value output or digital signal for transmission.

  • Infrared optics
    Infrared optics

    Infrared optics are used to collect, focus or collimate light in the near infrared (NIR), short wave infrared (SWIR), mid wave infrared (MWIR) or long wave infrared (LWIR) spectra. The infrared spectrum falls into the 700 – 16000 nm wavelengths, with each spectral range as follows.

    NIR 700 – 900nm
    SWIR 900 – 2300nm
    MWIR 3000 – 5000nm
    LWIR 8000 – 14000nm

  • Single-channel pyroelectric detector (For flame detection)S01-V A0
    Single-channel pyroelectric detector (For flame detection)S01-V A0

    Sapphire filter, because sapphire has the cut-off characteristic of long wave infrared, the detector has both high signal amplitude and anti-interference performance, and is often used in fire water cannon.Sapphire substrate filter will be the development trend of pyroelectric flame detector in the future.