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Infrared optics

Infrared optics

product description

Infrared optics are used to collect, focus or collimate light in the near infrared (NIR), short wave infrared (SWIR), mid wave infrared (MWIR) or long wave infrared (LWIR) spectra. The infrared spectrum falls into the 700 – 16000 nm wavelengths, with each spectral range as follows.

NIR 700 – 900nm
SWIR 900 – 2300nm
MWIR 3000 – 5000nm
LWIR 8000 – 14000nm

Applications :

IR window: shaped lens for pods – germanium flat; BBAR/DLC
IR lens: RP’s D320 silicon lens
IR metal reflector: Aluminum total reflector, gold coated
IR wedge angle lens: BAF2 wedge angle lens
Infrared hemisphere lens: ZNSE hemisphere lens
Infrared dome: Sapphire dome
Infrared beamsplitter: Infrared quartz beamsplitter
Infrared Prism: Silicon Prism
IR Aspheres: Sulfur Glass Aspheres, IRG26
TO Cap: Silicon Long Wave Pass PIR Cap
Metallized Light Window: Germanium Metallized Light Window
IR Longpass Filter: Silicon Longpass – 5.5UM
IR Band Pass Filter: Sapphire Narrow Band You – 4.26UM

Product Advantage :

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Product Parameters :

Round Window


4.0*0.5 IR-POLY IRWAFER 60-40;5;5;0.5;0.3    
CaF2-RW-(1-10) 5.0*1.0 IR-POLY IRWINDOW 60-40;5;5;0.5;0.3    
CaF2-RW-(1-10) 6.0*1.0 IR-POLY FTIR 60-40;5;5;0.5;0.3    
CaF2-RW-(1-10) 7.0*0.5 IR-POLY IRWAFER 60-40;5;5;0.5;0.3    
CaF2-RW-(1-10) 7.0*1.0 IR-POLY IRWINDOW 60-40;5;5;0.5;0.3    
CaF2-RW-(1-10) 8.0*0.5 IR-POLY IRWAFER 60-40;5;5;0.5;0.3

Square Window

No. Size          
CaF2-SW-(1-10) 10.0*10.0*2.0 IR-POLY IRWINDOW 60-40;5;5;0.5;0.3    
CaF2-SW-(1-10) 10.0*15.0*2.0 IR-POLY IRWINDOW 60-40;5;5;0.5;0.3    
CaF2-RW-(11-20) 13.0*13.0*0.3 IR-POLY IRWINDOW 80-50;5;5;0.5;0.3    
CaF2-SW-(11-20) 13.0*13.0*0.5 IR-POLY IRWINDOW 80-50;5;5;0.5;0.3    
CaF2-SW-(11-20) 15.0*15.0*1.0 IR-POLY IRWINDOW 60-40;5;5;0.5;0.3    
CaF2-SW-(11-20) 16.1*12.4*0.5 IR-POLY IRWAFER 80-50;5;5;0.5;0.3    

Wedge Window

No. Size Wedge        
CaF2-Wedge-(1-20) 15.0*2.2 none   80-50;5;none;0.5;0.3    
CaF2-wedge-(21-50) 25.0*5.5 none   80-50;5;none;0.5;0.3    
CaF2-wedge-(21-50) 25.4*8.13 none   80-50;5;none;0.5;0.3    
CaF2-wedge-(21-50) 34.0*3.0 none   80-50;5;none;0.5;0.3    
CaF2-wedge-(21-50) 50.0*3.0 none   80-50;5;none;0.5;0.3    
CaF2-wedge-(51-100) 50.8*6.0 none   80-50;5;none;0.5;0.3    

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