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  • UV barium fluoride
    UV barium fluoride

    The barium fluoride products applied in the UV band require no obvious absorption in the range of 200-400NM, and the crystal structure can be single crystal or polycrystalline. The UV barium fluoride obtained is often related to the raw material, crystal growth preparation and crystal doping, but the finished crystals should meet ROHS & REACH requirements.

  • Low stress low delay barium fluoride
    Low stress low delay barium fluoride

    The phase delay caused by the deflection of the phase of light through a diphasic or multidirectional material is called phase delay; barium fluoride materials are tetragonal and isotropic, but there are still subtle differences in different directions, so a lower phase delay is required to obtain an accurate monitoring signal. The specific material and processing of intrinsic crystals can guarantee your isotropic requirements

  • Large size Barium fluoride
    Large size Barium fluoride

    Barium fluoride crystals larger than 120 mm in size can be monocrystalline or polycrystalline. We can provide 50 pieces of polycrystalline barium fluoride material of D140*30mm per month, the maximum size of polycrystal can reach 320mm; 100 pieces of monocrystalline material of D100*20mm per month, the maximum size of monocrystal is D130mm.

  • Barium Fluoride(BaF2) Dome
    Barium Fluoride(BaF2) Dome

    Barium fluoride (BaF2) crystals belong to the cubic crystal system, good moisture resistance, melting point of 1280°C, high operating temperature, refractive index in a wide range of wavelengths does not change much, wide range of light transmission, in the 0.2μm to 10μm wavelength range can reach more than 90%, but the mechanical strength is poor Mohs hardness of 87. In the aircraft guidance head or EO/IR platform, can be made into a dome The spheres can be made into spheres for aircraft guidance heads or EO/IR platforms.

  • Barium fluoride(BaF2)
    Barium fluoride(BaF2)

    ICC has barium fluoride for IR(high transparency)/ flicker (low background) applications in high-energy physics, multispectral cameras, infrared thermometry and thermal imaging.

    It has the advantages of wide spectrum, large supply and low price. It can be used as windows, flat films, domes, lenses, prisms, etc., and has a wide range of applications in FTIR, LWIR, hyperspectral cameras and other fields.