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UV barium fluoride

UV barium fluoride

product description

The barium fluoride products applied in the UV band require no obvious absorption in the range of 200-400NM, and the crystal structure can be single crystal or polycrystalline. The UV barium fluoride obtained is often related to the raw material, crystal growth preparation and crystal doping, but the finished crystals should meet ROHS & REACH requirements.

Applications :

BaF2 crystal also has excellent scintillation properties (due to its 2 fast and slow luminescence components, the crystal can measure both energy and time spectra with high energy resolution and time resolution), and has a wide range of applications in the fields of high energy physics, nuclear physics and nuclear medicine.
Scintillators are attractive materials for γ-ray detection and charged particles

Product Advantage :

Size capability: single crystal 150 mm * thickness 50 mm; polycrystalline size 350 mm
Orientation capacity: 111 direction, 110 direction, 100 direction
Supply capacity: 3 inch single crystal, 100 pieces per month
Processing capacity: 40-20; 1/4L
Product capacity: flat sheet, single lens, aspheric, prism, custom shape

Product Parameters :

What material should I use for my barium fluoride application above 200NM?
Obviously, it is necessary to use UV barium fluoride material

Does UV barium fluoride have to be single crystal?
Single crystal and polycrystalline are the description of crystal structure, and UV is the description of crystal application wavelength. Therefore, there are two kinds of UV barium fluoride: UV single crystal and UV polycrystalline, but if the UV requirement is too high, it is often recommended to choose single crystal material.

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