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  • Laser Combined Beam Lens
    Laser Combined Beam Lens

    Two-light synthesis includes: red/green, red-blue, green/blue; three-light synthesis makes red-green-blue synthesis full-color laser, to achieve full-light display; the product is widely used in: stage laser lights, moving head chasing lights,. Lasers, optical instruments, projectors, LED color detection, fluorophore analysis, biological medical microscopes, reflective color wheel machine.

    ICC uses the advantages of ion source plus electron gun plating, stable film layer, very small film; product shape is round, square or customized. Substrate materials: ZNSE, K9, JGS1, sapphire, etc.; Typical bands: 10.6UMT/650NMR; 1064NMT/650NMR; 532NMT/650NMR