• June 10
    ICC component supermarket is a new network platform launched by ICC to sell optical components in stock.
  • May 19
    ICC has long been committed to the growth and processing of fluoride optical crystals and the performance research of related components. In 2020, the growth process bottleneck of calcium fluoride crystal was broken through, and the Bridgman method was used to realize the growth of 8-inch <111>and<100> crystal to single crystal of calcium fluoride.
  • April 30
    Holiday notice: International Worker‘s Day Holiday time: 5.1 to 5.4
  • April 17
    The exhibition site introduced our company's important achievements in crystal growth and laser fields through novel enterprise picture album, high-quality crystal display and other ways, focusing on the display of vibroscopes, wafers, large and small lenses, deep ultraviolet calcium fluoride, large size magnesium fluoride single crystal, etc., which caused many professional visitors to stop and consult, exchange and negotiation;At the same time, the application prospect of photoelectric industry is actively discussed.
  • February 09
    We are China's largest fluoride crystal materials, components supplier; Important supplier of optical Si and Ge crystal materials and components.
  • February 08
    Holiday notice: Start at 2021-02-11, end at 2021-02-15.