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Intrinsic Crystals – Expansion of Human Infrared Vision

February 09 2021 279 views

Who are we?

China’s largest fluoride crystal materials, components supplier; Important supplier of optical Si and Ge crystal materials and components.


What do we do?

From raw materials to crystal growth, coating materials, crystals, components, coatings, optical design, optical devices, to provide you with customized services.


What do we produce?

CaF2, MgF2, BaF2, LiF, Si, Ge crystals;

All kinds of Windows, wedge angle, prism, spherical lens, cylindrical mirror, aspheric lens and other optical components;

Optical design, complete set of lens processing;

Infrared sensing products, special optical fiber, scintillation crystal materials;


Our research and development, production, testing capabilities

At present, the company has 290 employees, 19 of whom have obtained doctoral degrees, 27.8% of whom are R&D and technical personnel;

Equipped with blank, flat, spherical, aspheric, coating, silicon wafer, special-shaped wafer and other independent production lines;

We have the ability to detect macroscopic crystal defects, orientation, physical specifications and optical indicators


We believe that

We can expand your infrared vision

Our research and development and production will meet your customized and mass needs

Our products of the whole industry chain will meet your needs

We will tailor your optical solution to your needs

We will be super fast delivery, excellent product performance, low price to become your reliable supplier


Let’s have a look at our technologically superior products:

  1. Excimer grade CaF2 crystal material

It is the largest fluoride production capacity and the strongest processing capacity supplier in China, with an annual output of more than 50 tons of calcium fluoride crystals. The intrinsic crystal of CaF2 crystal has strict classification, including infrared grade, ultraviolet grade, excimer grade calcium fluoride. Among them, the excimer grade calcium fluoride crystal material has low stress, high internal uniformity, no coloring, no fluorescence and other high quality properties.

The intrinsic CaF2 crystals can be used in microscope lens, astronomical reversion system, ultraviolet lighting and imaging system, 2D/3D machine vision system, infrared imaging and temperature measurement, high-energy laser field and all kinds of spectral analysis instruments. The excimer grade CaF2 material is widely used in laser imaging and laser lighting fields.

Crystal structure: polycrystalline, single crystal (any direction)

Application band: UV Grade 0.2-7.0um; IR Grade 4-7.0um; Excimer Grade: 193nm 248nm 355nm

Custom products: low stress, low delay, special direction, doped crystal

  1. Super large MgF2 single crystal material

The intrinsic crystal can supply D200 MgF2 single crystal in bulk, the annual output of single crystal is about 10 tons, is the largest MgF2 crystal supplier in China.

The intrinsic MgF2 crystal is widely used in the protection window of deep violet light source, achromatic bonded wave plate, LCD lighting and imaging system, 193/248/355nm and spectral analysis system in excimer system; It has good imaging quality, high laser tolerance, no coloring phenomenon, and can well control the crystal stress and small Angle grain boundary.

  1. Laser lenses

Laser lenses provided by intrinsic crystals are mainly used for scanning, lighting, imaging or cutting systems outside cavity mirrors, such as laser shaping, beam expanding mirror, beam closing mirror, field mirror, vibrator mirror, beam splitting mirror, etc. Materials are quartz, BK7 glass, ZnSe, calcium fluoride, monocrystalline silicon, sapphire, ZK7, etc. Products have protection window, lens, dielectric mirrors, wedge Angle pieces, metal mirror, prism, etc., the typical wavelength of 355 nm / 532 nm / 1064 nm / 2940 nm / 10.6 nm, processing size is 0.5 to 4 inches.

  1. Si mirror

The intrinsic crystal has an annual production capacity of 1.5 million pieces of silicon mirror, which can meet the requirements of any shape between D8 and D300 mm.

Standard D8/10/12/14 speckle lens, annual shipment of more than 200,000 pieces, can achieve S/D 40/20 PV <=1/8L laser damage threshold >=6KW;

Silicon planar mirror is mainly used in high power laser equipment, which requires high surface roughness and finish. Intrusive crystal with atomic force microscope, ring polishing machine and Pitch polishing process, can provide high precision flat lens in bulk. For example, D30*10 silicon wafer, Ra <10A, S/D 10/5;

  1. Small lens

It has the ability to process all kinds of spherical lens, and is good at processing all kinds of micro lens. Can process diameter range of 0.8-20mm, S/D is higher than 10/5, PV<=1/10L, the material covers all kinds of glass, quartz, sapphire, Si, Ge, ZnS, ZnSe, fluoride, etc., the annual output of more than 3 million pieces.

  1. Large lenses and lens sets

The maximum processing diameter of the intrinsic crystal lens product is D350mm, PV<0.7L@633nm, and the annual output is more than 500 pieces, which can meet the needs of customers for large-caliber infrared lens. Large lens material is covered with Si, Ge, fluoride, ZnSe, etc.

  1. Intrinsic crystal lens sets are widely used in UV/ VIS-NIR/ SWIR/ MRW/ LWIR lenses: 3-8 lenses per set, 5-500 lenses per batch, materials cover quartz, fluoride, silicon, germanium, zinc selenide and zinc sulfide, etc.
  2. Infrared component supermarket

Small batch? Verification chip no purchase? Long period of delivery? Contrastive experiments are hard to do? Expensive?

With the Intrinsic Crystalline Infrared Component Supermarket, your handheld component expert, these are no problems!

Do you need a variety of categories? You need a quick delivery? Are custom products too expensive?

Supermarket products of intrinsic crystal infrared components cover window piece, lens, aspheric mirror, cylindrical mirror, prism, mirror, filter, gluing mirror; 1000 categories of inventory products optional, lightning delivery; Support your diversity needs!

Intrinsic Optical Component Supermarket website:

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