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Expand human infrared vision

October 14 2020 1295 views

Infrared optical materials refer to a class of materials used in the manufacture of filters, lenses, prisms, Windows, fairing and so on in guidance technology and infrared imaging.Such as fluoride, silicon, germanium and other materials, these materials have good infrared transmittance and wide projection band.ICC of Qinhuangdao realizes the full coverage of industrial chain from material growth to processing and coating, which can realize more reliable quality, lower price and faster delivery requirements.

ICC company has the world’s leading CaF2, BaF2, MgF2 growth process, is China’s largest supplier, fluoride, more than 80 tons annual output of fluoride is also important silicon germanium material suppliers, annual output 26 tons, has for more than 60 countries around the world provide infrared crystal materials, customized for the client to provide low stress, high purity, high uniformity of infrared crystal.

Silicon (Si) single crystal has good light transmittance in 1-7 m band, and has good transmittance in far-infrared 30-300um, which is unmatched by other infrared materials. Silicon materials are usually used as substrates for 3-5 m medium-wave infrared optical Windows and optical filters.Because the material has good thermal conductivity and low density, and is also a common material for making laser mirrors, the conductive types of silicon single crystals can be divided into N type and P type.

Germanium (Ge), a single crystal with a transmission spectrum ranging from 2–12 m, is a very common infrared optical material, widely used in infrared imaging systems and infrared spectrometer systems.Germanium single crystal has good mechanical and thermal properties and little absorption at 10.6 m, making it an ideal material for CO2 laser lens, window and output coupling mirror.Germanium in infrared optics is mainly used for making infrared optical lens in infrared detection system and protecting infrared optical window of infrared optical lens.

Calcium fluoride can eliminate the secondary spectrum, which is beneficial to spectral segment bleaching. It is used in laser, infrared, ultraviolet, high-energy detection field, and is the best material for making optical components such as optical prism, lens and window in the infrared optical system. ICC is the largest fluoride material supplier and component processor in China.

ICC has a strong processing advantage, can produce flat lens, lens, prism, rod mirror, gluing mirror, wedge Angle piece, profile-shaped piece, aspheric lens and other kinds of lenses, the processing range can cover D0.8m-350mm, the material covers fluoride, silicon, germanium, zinc sulfide, zinc selenide, glass, sapphire, quartz and other materials.

With the development of COVID-19 epidemic in various places this year, ICC has been focusing on epidemic prevention and production at the same time. More than 5,000 pieces of Windows on the infrared thermometer are produced every day, meeting the demand for infrared temperature measuring equipment in railway stations, airports, hospitals and other places in China.

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