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  • Zirconia Oxygen Analyzer
    Zirconia Oxygen Analyzer

    BZ series zirconia oxygen analyzer is mainly composed of two parts: “BZ-S probe” and “BZ-W transmitter”.

    1.BZ-S probe: It is an oxygen sensor equipped with zirconium oxide battery, whose main function is to measure the oxygen content in flue gas in real time and output the corresponding oxygen potential signal data.

    2.BZ-W type transmitter: one is to control the working temperature of the thermostat at the front of the probe; the other is to convert the potential signal value output from the probe into the corresponding oxygen value, and convert the oxygen value into the corresponding current value output or digital signal for transmission.

  • Spectral Optics
    Spectral Optics

    Analytical sensing detection field and medical field; light source gas cell, gas module, flame detection, water analysis, spectral analyzer, infrared temperature measurement, coal mine, medical and other fields

  • Infrared optics
    Infrared optics

    Infrared optics are used to collect, focus or collimate light in the near infrared (NIR), short wave infrared (SWIR), mid wave infrared (MWIR) or long wave infrared (LWIR) spectra. The infrared spectrum falls into the 700 – 16000 nm wavelengths, with each spectral range as follows.

    NIR 700 – 900nm
    SWIR 900 – 2300nm
    MWIR 3000 – 5000nm
    LWIR 8000 – 14000nm

  • Laser Beam Splitters
    Laser Beam Splitters

    Laser Beamsplitters are used to separate a single laser beam into two separate beams in a number of laser applications. Laser Beamsplitters are designed to reflect a certain portion of a laser beam, generally a particular wavelength or polarization state, while allowing the rest of the light to be transmitted. Laser Beamsplitters are available in several different types including Plate Beamsplitters, Cube Beamsplitters, or Lateral Displacement Beamsplitters. Dichroic Beamsplitters are also available for Raman spectroscopy applications.

  • Laser Combined Beam Lens
    Laser Combined Beam Lens

    Two-light synthesis includes: red/green, red-blue, green/blue; three-light synthesis makes red-green-blue synthesis full-color laser, to achieve full-light display; the product is widely used in: stage laser lights, moving head chasing lights,. Lasers, optical instruments, projectors, LED color detection, fluorophore analysis, biological medical microscopes, reflective color wheel machine.

    ICC uses the advantages of ion source plus electron gun plating, stable film layer, very small film; product shape is round, square or customized. Substrate materials: ZNSE, K9, JGS1, sapphire, etc.; Typical bands: 10.6UMT/650NMR; 1064NMT/650NMR; 532NMT/650NMR

  • Galvanometer

    The Galvo scanning system, also known as a galvanometer, follows the planning approach of a galvanometer, with the lens replacing the needle and the probe signal replaced by a computer-controlled -5V-5V or -10V-+10V DC signal to complete the intended action. Whether the scanning laser system is used for marking, engraving, or micro-catheter drilling, they all rely on the oscillator to accurately position the laser beam.