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  • NaI:TI

    Thallium doped sodium iodide crystal (NaI:TI) is a high performance scintillation crystal. These crystals are grown from sodium iodide (NaI) as a base material with an appropriate concentration of the activator thallium (TI) and have a maximum luminous wavelength of 415 nm, which is well matched to the photocathode of common photomultiplier tubes.

    Nal:TI scintillators are colourless, transparent crystals with no absorption of their own light. Because of its high density and high effective atomic number, it has a strong absorption capacity and high energy resolution for X-rays and “rays, so it occupies an important position in radiation detection, it is an important basic material in the detection instruments of geology, mining, petroleum, coal, medical, security, industrial CT and environmental testing.

  • Calcium fluoride (CaF2)
    Calcium fluoride (CaF2)

    ICC-Raman: No fluorescence at 193nm and above under 1W laser, widely used in fluorescence spectrometer.

    ICC-E: High internal transmittance, low light energy loss, used in EXCIMER 193/248/355 excimer laser.

    ICC-UV: applied to the 200-400nm ultraviolet lens.

    ICC-VISIR: applied to the infrared and visible wavelength bands such as 400-10000nm.

    ICC-LS: Low-stress and high-uniformity material. The average stress value is less than 2NM and the maximum stress value is less than 15NM. It is widely used in microscope objectives and precision imaging lenses.

  • Barium fluoride(BaF2)
    Barium fluoride(BaF2)

    ICC has barium fluoride for IR(high transparency)/ flicker (low background) applications in high-energy physics, multispectral cameras, infrared thermometry and thermal imaging.

    It has the advantages of wide spectrum, large supply and low price. It can be used as windows, flat films, domes, lenses, prisms, etc., and has a wide range of applications in FTIR, LWIR, hyperspectral cameras and other fields.

  • Magnesium fluoride (MgF2)
    Magnesium fluoride (MgF2)

    MgF2-E: 193nm / 248nm / 355nm excimer, excellent uniformity, no small-angle grain boundaries;

    MgF2-PS: PID 10.6eV and spectrum analyzer have low energy loss and stable light energy;

    MgF2-W: Wave plate, high orientation accuracy, no small-angle grain boundaries, low stress;

    MgF2-V: used in ultraviolet/infrared light sources, vacuum viewports, lenses, prisms, etc.;

    MgF2-H: Hot pressing, mainly used for dome cover;

  • Lithium fluoride(LiF)
    Lithium fluoride(LiF)

    ICC has lithium fluoride material in ultraviolet/deep ultraviolet, which can be used for extreme ultraviolet light source, LED panel coating, ULTRAVIOLET detection and sensing.

    LIF is highly water-soluble, and has strict requirements on optical processing and storage, and dissociation often occurs. Therefore, the archive of the polishing sheet is mostly used for plating a protective film.

    With more than 10 years of processing experience, Intrinsic can meet the high precision and low chipping requirements of LIF processing, and better meet the needs of the market. Lithium fluoride is used in windows, lenses and prisms in vacuum ultraviolet, ultraviolet, visible and infrared.


  • Silicon material(Si)
    Silicon material(Si)

    Intrinsic silicon currently has three grades and is widely praised by customers.

    SI-MIRROR grade: single crystal, mainly used in the galvanometer mirrors of various high and low power lasers, standard shapes or customized shapes, typical: no transmittance requirements.

    SI-OPTICAL grade: single crystal, mainly used for infrared temperature measurement and imaging purposes such as optical lenses, filters, prisms, etc., typically: higher transmittance requirements.

    SI-Wafer grade: single crystal, mainly used in semiconductors, IGBT modules, diodes and triodes, typical: resistance control is extremely strict.