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  • Quartz tube
    Quartz tube

    Quartz glass tube is a special industrial technical glass made of silica, which is a very excellent basic material. Quartz glass has a series of excellent physical and chemical properties.

  • LiNbO3

    LiNbO3Crystals is widely used as frequency doublers for wavelength > 1um and optical parametric oscillators (OPOs) pumped at 1064 nm as well as quasi-phase-matched (QPM) devices. Due to its large Elector-Optic (E-O) and Acousto-Optic (A-O) coefficients, LiNbO3crystal is the most commonly used material for Pockel Cells, Q-switches and phase modulators, waveguide substrate, and surface acoustic wave (SAW) wafers, etc.

  • Sapphire

    Sapphire (Sapphire, molecular formula Al2O3) single crystal is an excellent multifunctional material. It is resistant to high temperature, good thermal conductivity, high hardness, infrared transmission, and good chemical stability. It is also a versatile single crystal substrate material and is the substrate of choice for the current blue, violet and white light emitting diode (LED) and blue light laser (LD) industries.

  • Zinc sulfide(ZnS)
    Zinc sulfide(ZnS)

    Zinc sulfide is commonly used as a substrate for infrared optics can also be used as an evaporation source. Research on zinc sulfide fluorescent materials has been conducted for more than 130 years since their discovery by the French chemist Sidot in 1868, and research on zinc sulfide materials has been of interest from the 1920s to the 1940s.
    As an important di- and hexa-compound semiconductor, zinc sulfide nanomaterials have attracted great attention not only for their excellent physical properties such as wide energy band gap, high refractive index, and high transmittance in the visible range, but also for their great potential for applications in optical, electronic, and optoelectronic devices. Zinc sulfide has excellent fluorescence effect and electroluminescence function, and nano zinc sulfide has more unique photoelectric effect, presenting many excellent properties in the fields of electricity, magnetism, optics, mechanics and catalysis, so the research of nano zinc sulfide has attracted more attention, especially in 1994 Bhargava reported that the nano ZnS:Mn phosphor treated by surface passivation not only has The high external quantum efficiency of up to 18%, the fluorescence lifetime shortened by 5 orders of magnitude, and the luminescence performance has changed greatly, more ZnS in the application of materials opened up a new way.

  • Laser grade zinc selenide(ZnSe)
    Laser grade zinc selenide(ZnSe)

    Zinc selenide products can be used in a wide range of laser systems and infrared thermal imaging systems, as well as many optoelectronic applications. Its wider bandgap properties make it suitable for detectors and emitters, and its refractive index, homogeneity and homogeneity provide superior optical properties for use as a protective window or optical element in high-resolution forward-looking infrared (FLIR) thermal imaging equipment.

  • Lanthanum tribromide LaBr3
    Lanthanum tribromide LaBr3

    Lanthanum bromide crystal is a new type of inorganic scintillation crystal with very good performance, which has excellent scintillation performance such as high energy resolution and high time resolution, high light output, good energy linearity, short decay time, etc. It can be applied in various radiation detection fields such as environmental monitoring, oil logging, nuclear medicine, high energy physics, security inspection, anti-terrorism, nuclide identification, etc.