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product description

Sapphire (Sapphire, molecular formula Al2O3) single crystal is an excellent multifunctional material. It is resistant to high temperature, good thermal conductivity, high hardness, infrared transmission, and good chemical stability. It is also a versatile single crystal substrate material and is the substrate of choice for the current blue, violet and white light emitting diode (LED) and blue light laser (LD) industries.

Applications :

In the field of optical communication, sapphire crystals are not only used as short-wavelength active devices, but also as polarizers for passive devices
In the field of laser, sapphire is an excellent material for laser medium (such as Ti:Al2O3, Cr:Al2O3); in the field of superconductivity, sapphire crystals can be used to make high-temperature superconducting films such as Y-series, La-series, etc., and also to grow new practical MgB2 high-temperature superconducting films (usually single-crystal substrates are chemically corroded in the process of making MgB2 films)
Widely used as an important window material for high energy detection and high power powerful laser

Product Advantage :

Product Parameters :

Crystal system:Hexagonal crystal system
Crystalline constant:a=4.748 c=12.97
Melting point:2040℃
Mohs hardness:9
Coefficient of thermal expansion:7.5 (x10-6/ oC)
Thermal conductivity (cal/degree cm sec): ⊥c //c
23℃ 0.055 26℃0.060
77°C 0.04 70°C 0.041
Dielectric constant:~ 9.4 @300K at A axis ~ 11.58@ 300K at C axis
Crystal orientation: A-plane 2.379A
R-plane 1.740A
M-plane 1.375A
C-plane 2.165A
Crystal orientation tolerance:±0.5°
Regular size and tolerance:10×3,10×5,10×10,15×15,20×15,20×20.
Conventional thickness and tolerance:0.5mm,1.0mm
Polishing: single-sided or double-sided
Surface roughness:Ra<5< span=””>(5×5μm)
Package:Class 100 clean bag, Class 1000 ultra clean room

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