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ICC has participated in Munich and Shanghai Optical Expo 2021

April 17 2021 175 views

From March 17 to 19, 2021, the 16th Shanghai Optical Expo Munich, a grand event of laser, optics and optoelectronics industry in Asia, was successfully held in Hall W1-W5 and OW6/OV of Shanghai New International Expo Center.As the annual global high-end optoelectronic technology industry event and the 2021 optoelectronic industry spring show, the exhibition site of famous brands at home and abroad gathered, from the perspective of globalization to show the optoelectronic industry from a variety of high-quality products and innovative technologies, to present the modern manufacturing industry focused on the future development trend and prospects of optoelectronic technology.

As the main exhibitor of Munich Shanghai Optical Expo, ICC, composed of general manager, R&D engineers and sales engineers, made a collective appearance in the optical and optical manufacturing exhibition area, which attracted wide attention from the organizers, exhibitors and all walks of life.

The exhibition site introduced our company’s important achievements in crystal growth and laser fields through novel enterprise picture album, high-quality crystal display and other ways, focusing on the display of vibroscopes, wafers, large and small lenses, deep ultraviolet calcium fluoride, large size magnesium fluoride single crystal, etc., which caused many professional visitors to stop and consult, exchange and negotiation;At the same time, the application prospect of photoelectric industry is actively discussed.

Three days of exhibition can not exhaust our enthusiasm, we look forward to meeting with you next year.

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