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Large size Barium fluoride

Large size Barium fluoride

product description

Barium fluoride crystals larger than 120 mm in size can be monocrystalline or polycrystalline. We can provide 50 pieces of polycrystalline barium fluoride material of D140*30mm per month, the maximum size of polycrystal can reach 320mm; 100 pieces of monocrystalline material of D100*20mm per month, the maximum size of monocrystal is D130mm.

Applications :

Polycrystalline 170mm bar, monocrystalline 130mm, monocrystalline blank slices, polycrystalline open ball blanks

Product Advantage :

Formability: Can cut/round/ball/polish D360mm lenses
Surface finish: Ra<5nm; Orienting capability: 111, 100, 110

Product Parameters :

What is the surface finish of the blank D140*30?
The circumferential scratches on the column surface are less than 5 inside, no visible chipping on the polished surface, chamfering 0.5-1.2 mm
Diameter tolerance can be +0.0, -0.05; thickness tolerance: +0.1, -0.1.
Surface treatment: W28/40

Can you process BAF2 platform lens of D160?
The maximum processing diameter of the lens is D360mm; so D160 can be processed, the standard capability is 60-40 finish; PV<1L@633NM; because the material is soft, it is recommended that the thickness tolerance is +/-0.05mm. Can we supply BAF2 blanks for D300? If the material size is more than 200mm, it is a custom product; we can provide 300mm polycrystalline BAF2, single crystal maximum size is 200mm; the lead time is usually 3-6 months.

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