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Barium fluoride(BaF2)

Barium fluoride(BaF2)

product description

ICC has barium fluoride for IR(high transparency)/ flicker (low background) applications in high-energy physics, multispectral cameras, infrared thermometry and thermal imaging.

It has the advantages of wide spectrum, large supply and low price. It can be used as windows, flat films, domes, lenses, prisms, etc., and has a wide range of applications in FTIR, LWIR, hyperspectral cameras and other fields.

Applications :

lens The ball cap FTIR attachment The IR light source Focusing lens Coated specimens


Product Advantage :

Barium fluoride material:

Size: Single crystal is less than 120mm, the size available for mass production is D3-100mm, and the orientation size is less than D100mm;

Polycrystalline is smaller than D170 mm;

Crystal direction: 100, 111, 200, etc.

Product Parameters :

The optical properties

Through the range

0.15 – 14mm


>94% @ 0.35-10.8mm

The refractive index

1.4624 @ 2.58mm

1.45 @ 5μm

Reflection loss

6.8% @ 2.58mm (双面)

6.5% @ 5 μm (双面)

5.3% @ 10.35mm (双面)

Absorption coefficient[cm-1]

3.2 x 10-4 @ 6mm

Physical properties


Melting point[℃]


Thermal conductivity[W/(m×K)]

11.72 @ 286K

Coefficient of thermal expansion[10-6/K]

18.1 @ 273K

Knoop hardness[kg/mm2]


Specific heat capacity[J/(kg×K)]


Dielectric constant

7.33 @ 1MHz

Apparent elastic limit[MPa]

26.9 (300 psi)

The poisson coefficient


The chemical characteristics


1.7 @ 23℃

The molecular weight



Cubic crystal system

Dissociative side


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