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Low stress low delay barium fluoride

Low stress low delay barium fluoride

product description

The phase delay caused by the deflection of the phase of light through a diphasic or multidirectional material is called phase delay; barium fluoride materials are tetragonal and isotropic, but there are still subtle differences in different directions, so a lower phase delay is required to obtain an accurate monitoring signal. The specific material and processing of intrinsic crystals can guarantee your isotropic requirements

Applications :

BAF2 single crystal blank flat sheet, D17.9*2 flat

Product Advantage :

Size capability: D3-300mm, tolerance +, -0.02mm
Supply capacity: D20 lens, 200K per month
Processing capacity: 40-20; 1/4L

Product Parameters :

What is a waveplate?

A waveplate is an optical device that creates an additional optical range difference (or phase difference) between two light vibrations that are perpendicular to each other. They are usually made of birefringent wafers of quartz, calcite, or mica of precise thickness, with the optical axis parallel to the wafer surface. The incident light vibration is decomposed into two components perpendicular to the optical axis (o vibration) and parallel to the optical axis (e vibration), which correspond to the o and e light in the wafer (see birefringence). The wave plate is divided into multiple-order wave plate, compound zero-order wave plate, and true zero-order wave plate by structure.

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