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Zirconia Oxygen Analyzer

Zirconia Oxygen Analyzer

product description

BZ series zirconia oxygen analyzer is mainly composed of two parts: “BZ-S probe” and “BZ-W transmitter”.

1.BZ-S probe: It is an oxygen sensor equipped with zirconium oxide battery, whose main function is to measure the oxygen content in flue gas in real time and output the corresponding oxygen potential signal data.

2.BZ-W type transmitter: one is to control the working temperature of the thermostat at the front of the probe; the other is to convert the potential signal value output from the probe into the corresponding oxygen value, and convert the oxygen value into the corresponding current value output or digital signal for transmission.

Applications :

Zirconia Oxygen Analyzer, also known as zirconia oxygen analyzer, zirconia analyzer, zirconia oxygen meter, zirconia oxygen meter, is mainly used to measure the oxygen concentration of flue gas in the combustion process, and is also suitable for measuring the oxygen concentration of non-combustible gases.

Product Advantage :

1.BZ-S type probe.

The probe adopts brazing technology, which overcomes the sealing problem of the core device of oxygen measurement, so that the key parameters such as gas tightness, stability and service life of the oxygen measurement probe have been significantly improved.

2.BZ-W type transmitter.

Adopting embedded microcontroller technology, it designs intelligent transmitter that can carry out human-computer dialogue. Its function is complete, intuitive and convenient, the algorithm is accurate, the temperature control technology is advanced and accurate, and the protection measures are well thought out and rigorous.

Product Parameters :

1. BZ-S(W)-1000-58-G1-C1:

Standard oxygen analyzer, probe insertion length 1000mm, probe outer diameter 58mm, transmitter is wall-mounted, signal transmission 4-20mA.

2. BZ-Ex-S(W)-800-48-G4-C2

Anti-scouring and explosion-proof oxygen analyzer, probe insertion length 800mm, probe outer diameter 48mm, transmitter is wall-mounted, communication protocol Modbus, signal transmission 4-20mA and 485 interface

3. BZ-S(P)-1200-58-G3-C1

High-temperature extraction oxygen analyzer, probe insertion length 1200mm, probe outer diameter 58mm, transmitter is disk-mounted, signal transmission 4-20mA

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