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Lithium fluoride(LiF) oriented materials

Lithium fluoride(LiF) oriented materials

product description

LiF has excellent optical properties, especially in the deep ultraviolet band. With the development of deep ultraviolet technology in recent years, lithium fluoride crystals have received more and more attention for their high transmittance and short cut-off wavelength in the deep ultraviolet band. Lithium fluoride is a tetragonal crystal system, and the crystals can be grown as single polycrystalline blocks or single crystals with directional growth. Therefore, there is a difference between single crystal and polycrystalline lithium fluoride. Polycrystals are mostly used as protective windows; single crystals can be used as lenses, prisms and viewing windows. The most common orientation of crystals is 100, but 111 is also used.

Applications :

Single crystal blanks, single crystal windows, 100 windows, 100 diffraction

Product Advantage :

Growth capacity: pull-down method, vacuum drop method, maximum size polycrystalline 180 mm, single crystal 100 mm
Orienting capacity: 100, 111
Processing capacity: 60-40; 1/4L
Coating capacity; 1550NM increased transmission, reflectivity aluminum

Product Parameters :

Is lithium fluoride afraid of water?
Yes, it is particularly moisture-absorbent; it is recommended that it must be used in a dry cabinet or in a dry environment. Water-friendly use is not recommended.

Is lithium fluoride prone to cracking?
Yes, lithium fluoride is particularly susceptible to chipping because of its hydrolytic properties, and water contact must be controlled during cutting and grinding.

Can lithium fluoride be used in 112NM?
Yes, lithium fluoride has the widest range of applications in the extreme ultraviolet and long wave infrared.

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