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Lithium Fluoride(liF) Lenses

Lithium Fluoride(liF) Lenses

product description

Proxy Crystals offers lithium fluoride lens blanks, plano-convex lenses, prisms and aspheres. The process used is a combination of PITECH polishing and DTM.
Lenses are available up to 4″.

Applications :

Plano-convex lens, window piece, dome

Product Advantage :

Polishing capacity: 40-20; 1/4L.
Coating capacity: translucency-enhancing film, reflective film
Supply capacity: plano-convex, plano-concave, curved moon, aspheric, hemispherical

Product Parameters :

Lithium fluoride chipping problem?
Lithium fluoride crystalline materials are extremely difficult to process because of their hydrophilic nature. Also because of the crystal orientation, it leads to breakage along the main dissociation under external force. Therefore, the processed lenses are mostly with many blanks, which cannot be solved with the current process. If the requirements for chipping are too strict, it will lead to a large production defect rate, which in turn will push up the product price.

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