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Excimer Calcium Fluoride

Excimer Calcium Fluoride

product description

for use on lasers in the 193/248/366NM wavelength band.

Can be used as a laser light source, lighting equipment and imaging equipment, where the light source requirements mainly require high internal transmittance, no colour core, laser damage threshold to be good, so that the life of the light source can be greatly extended; laser external light path system on the material uniformity and consistency requirements are higher, at the same time because of the ultra-precision characteristics of the workpiece, the material often requires precision annealing, all the excimer grade materials are All excimer grade materials are custom-made products, which are the high-end products in calcium fluoride materials.

Calcium fluoride belongs to the cubic crystal system of the high-grade crystal family and is typically isotropic.

However, this is often only theoretical. In practical applications in complex and high-precision optoelectronic systems or for high-power laser purposes,

or in applications such as gyroscopes and high-precision microscope lenses, calcium fluoride in specific orientations is often the preferred solution for optical designers and applicators,

based on the nuances of the material and the cumulative errors in material processing.

Applications :

193NM/38.1 round blank,

248NM/ D50*6 wedge angle blank,

D180*10 calcium fluoride for monitoring;

D60mm plano-convex lens blank; D140 lens blank

High-precision optoelectronic systems 

high-powered laser


high-precision microscope lenses

Product Advantage :

Processability: S/D 10-5; PV<1/10; Ra<1nm; wedge: +/-10sec
Supply capacity: 4 weeks-10 weeks 

Product Parameters :

IC grade fluoride products are custom made and require uniformity, bubble streaks, stress, internal transmittance, laser damage, etc.

1. Diffraction angles in different directions

2. Is my single crystal band oriented?
Single crystals must have an orientation, but where this is not required, it is a free orientation. All crystals with orientation are first single crystals and then cut at a specific diffraction angle in the single crystal orientation. This is why the price of an oriented single crystal is higher than that of a single crystal.

3. Why do my calcium fluoride drawings say 111 more?
The 111 direction is the main dissociation plane of calcium fluoride and is the best direction of all, and is also generally noted as such in the literature. In addition, in theory 111 has the best optical properties, but in practice there is no significant difference in non-precision systems because of the isotropic nature of calcium fluoride. So most of the time, single crystal undirected can be used in the 111 direction.

4. Why is my calcium fluoride in the 100/001 direction?
5. This orientation is mostly used in such directions, often for special wave sheet applications. All are irreplaceable.

6. Do different crystal directions of calcium fluoride have an effect on polishing?
For ultra-precise or ultra-smooth products, it is recommended to use directional products; others have an effect, but can be corrected by subsequent processing.

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