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product description

The Galvo scanning system, also known as a galvanometer, follows the planning approach of a galvanometer, with the lens replacing the needle and the probe signal replaced by a computer-controlled -5V-5V or -10V-+10V DC signal to complete the intended action. Whether the scanning laser system is used for marking, engraving, or micro-catheter drilling, they all rely on the oscillator to accurately position the laser beam.

Applications :

Product Advantage :

We can provide X/Y oscillators with BK7, fused silica and single crystal silicon substrate, typical spot size 8/10/12/15/20/30 and customized products. The wavelengths cover 248nm, 355nm, 532nm, 750nm, 1064nm, 1550nm, 2940nm and 10.6um; the products are precision machined bare wafers and are mostly coated. Typical processing requirements are 40-20, PV<1/4L, tolerance of +/-0.02mm, consistent size models, and no bright wire outsourcing.

Product Parameters :

Typical Products

BK7, 532NN, Plated X/Y

UVFS, 1064NM, Plated X/Y

SI, 10.6um, Coated, X/Y

Si, uncoated, with wings

SI, leaf shaped lens



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