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Laser Window

Laser Window

product description

Laser protection window is mainly used to block debris splash in laser cutting and prevent splash from damaging the lens. Both sides are coated with a high damage threshold (>15J/cm2) transmission enhancement film to reduce reflections. Widely used in laser cutting, laser marking and other applications. Product shapes are mostly circular, square, cylindrical, and wedge-angle shapes. Typical uses are in YAG and CO2 laser systems.


Applications :

Typical representative lenses

ZNSE@10.6um UVFS@1064NM BK7@532NM
Sapphire @ 808nm- Waveguide Cube MgF2@248nm CaF2@2940nm

Product Advantage :

ICC offers standard size protection windows in quartz, ZNSE and glass for YAG/CO2/HENE lasers, as well as customized protection windows for different substrates in 248/355/532/650/708/808/1064/1550/2940/9.4/10.6 etc.

Product Parameters :










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