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Low stress magnesium fluoride(MgF2) bar

Low stress magnesium fluoride(MgF2) bar

product description

Grain boundary stress is the stress acting on the grain boundary. On the grain boundary surface, the atomic arrangement transitions from one orientation to another, so the atomic arrangement at the grain boundary is in a transition state. The contact interface between the grain and the grain is called the grain boundary. Low stress magnesium fluoride refers to the maximum stress less than 15NM for magnesium fluoride with length greater than 40mm or less than 3NM for 2mm thickness. The low stress is directly related to the crystal growth process, annealing process, and post-processing and treatment.

Applications :

Product Advantage :

Growth capacity: vacuum drop, straight pull method, flat method
Orientation capacity: 100,,001, 111
Supply capacity: D200*100, 40*40*50, D100*60

Product Parameters :

Why is the longer the crystal, the more expensive it is?
Single crystal growth is an extremely complex technology, and the directional growth of single crystals is very uncontrollable, so in order to obtain directionally aligned crystals, it is necessary to go through post-processing, where material waste is one aspect, and processing time and labor costs are also very high.

What if I order long crystals with ultra-small bubbles inside?
Crystals are currently monitored by a combination of bare eye and laser scanning. However, ultra-small bubbles have to be seen by precision polishing in a dark room or under a fiberscope. Therefore, when providing long rod crystals, the ultra-small bubbles are not detected and will not affect the use if you have to cut them into pieces for use there.

Why are the crystals I purchased highly stressed?
A combination of factors (insufficient purity of raw material, immature crystal process, faulty crystal equipment, poor crystal monitoring, too rough crystal cutting, no stress relieving process applied to the crystal)

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