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Magnesium fluoride(MgF2) polycrystalline material

Magnesium fluoride(MgF2) polycrystalline material

product description

Polycrystalline magnesium fluoride can be infrared polycrystalline or ultraviolet polycrystalline material, often used for protection windows or analytical instruments to transmit the signal of the lens, or coating target material. However, polycrystalline magnesium fluoride cannot be used as a lens because of its birefringent properties, which will produce two or more images when focused.

Applications :

Commonly used in protective windows or analytical instruments for signal transmission lenses, or coated targets

Product Advantage :

Material capacity: D3-200mm can be supplied in bulk
Product capacity: coated targets, window lenses, lenses
Supply capacity: D25*10 lens, 50,000 pieces per month

Product Parameters :

Why do polycrystalline MGF2 materials produce multiple images?
MGF2 is a birefringent crystal and is anisotropic, so light is refracted and reflected many times as it passes through the crystal. If a polycrystalline material has many grain boundaries and directions, the light will not be focused.

Can polycrystalline MGF2 have a direction?
If the deviation of the lattice arrangement in each direction of MGF2 is within 5 degrees, the surface of the material looks more flowery, and it is polycrystalline by structure, but it can be oriented, if the laser energy is high enough and the material uniformity is good, it will not affect the performance.

Can polycrystalline magnesium fluoride be used as coating material?
The existing coating material, then in the coating material to remove the appropriate elements, after high temperature proposed melting, the long polycrystalline magnesium fluoride applied to the coating, there will be no frying, spray spots and other common problems of granular materials. It is the best quality multi-material in evaporation coating, the typical size is D18/25/30, from the material purity is more than 4N

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