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Magnesium fluoride(MgF2) single crystal material

Magnesium fluoride(MgF2) single crystal material

product description

Magnesium fluoride is a tetragonal crystal system, characterized by each anisotropy. So it must be considered as single crystal in precision imaging and signal transmission.
The main dissociation plane of magnesium fluoride is 110, but the smallest birefringence is 001 plane. Single crystal means the direction is random, it may be 110,100,001 or other direction; this varies a lot in practical application. If the customer does not specify the direction, the intrinsic crystals are processed according to the direction.

Applications :

Product Advantage :

Supply capacity: D3-150mm monocrystalline, polycrystalline can reach maximum size of 200mm
Blanking capacity: round, directional, open sphere, hemisphere
Orientation capacity: 001, 100,110, 210
Processing capacity: 10-5, 1/10L

Product Parameters :

Is single crystal magnesium fluoride material expensive?
Typical price curve, price from high to bottom: special direction crystal – 100 crystal – 001 crystal – single crystal – polycrystal. So single crystal magnesium fluoride is relatively inexpensive.

What are the growth processes of magnesium fluoride?
There are processes and production capacity such as lifting method, vacuum descent method, flat plate method, temperature ladder method, and atmospheric atmosphere method.

Delivery time of magnesium fluoride?
20 pieces per month for D100*6, 7-10 days for blanks up to 100 pieces of size D100mm.

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