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Magnesium fluoride(MgF2) wave plate

Magnesium fluoride(MgF2) wave plate

product description

Magnesium fluoride is often used as achromatic bonded waveplates because of its birefringence property. Our magnesium fluoride is made of 4N grade raw material, specific growth and rejection process, and ultra-precise cutting and orientation process, which can reduce the difficulty of precision control in the manufacturing process of your wave sheet and the precision of phase delay in use more effectively.

Applications :

D6,D12,D20,D30,D100 wave plate blanks

Product Advantage :

Orientation Capability: 111 direction +, – 3 points & 001 direction +, – 6 points
Size Capability: D5- D150 mm wafers
Cutting edge capability: CNC controllable to +, – 0.1 mm
Crystal quality: No small angle grain boundary, ultra-low delay

Product Parameters :

Do circular waveplates need a reference surface?
Often the reference surface must be marked and can only be 001 direction; however, there are some users who only focus on 001 direction in use and do not require other directions. This results in a slight difference in the price of the same size sheet, so please be sure to check with your designer.

How to orient the 100 side?
Obviously, the 001 side is found first, and then a CNC cutting machine is used to cut the orientation according to the formula.

Does the crystal grow out in 001 direction?
Crystal growth is an extremely complex high technology, and even with seed crystals and a large amount of accumulated literature and technology, it is not possible to guarantee that every cycle is a single crystal with the right orientation. All orientation is done later by high precision equipment

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