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Non-fluorescent(Raman) Calcium Fluoride

Non-fluorescent(Raman) Calcium Fluoride

product description

Calcium fluoride itself is also called fluorite, so non-fluorescence is only a relative concept, while most are also called Raman grade calcium fluoride, and the wavelength of the material applied and the laser energy are directly related, for example, 450NM non-fluorescence does not mean 355NM non-fluorescence, 2W laser non-fluorescence does not mean 5W laser non-fluorescence. Fluorescence can cause strong absorption, resulting in energy loss, signal distortion or imaging disturbances. Fluorescence is produced on the one hand by the elemental composition of the crystal material itself and also by defects created during the growth of the material. Therefore, fluorescent products are either selected materials or custom-made products, which are monitored by fluorescence spectrometers, energy spectrometers or extreme ultraviolet irradiation and are relatively expensive.

Applications :

UV irradiation capability
Fluorescence monitoring capability
Laser monitoring capability

Product Advantage :

Can we supply Raman grade calcium fluoride?
Yes, we can provide Raman grade calcium fluoride, but as described above, more detailed information is required on the application environment of the material.

Does the colour of calcium fluoride turn yellow after a period of time?
If the surface of the lens has yellowed, this is due to cleaning during the cutting and rounding process, which can be done with alcohol or ether, or polishing powder. If the polished surface turns yellow after a certain period of time, this is due to internal absorption of the crystal, which is often caused by high laser energy or fatigue of the material due to the actual process of irradiation, which is irreversible. Do I need to specify in advance if I need to do this?

Why is my calcium fluoride greenish in colour?
Obviously, this is a material problem, as normal calcium fluoride is a colourless and transparent crystal. Greening is a major defect in the growth process of the material and is considered a defective product. It can be used for non-transmittance requirements

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