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Excessive packaging objects will increase transportation costs, simple packaging will increase product insecurity, too complicated packaging will increase labor costs, and incomplete packaging documents will cause customers doesn’t know what they received!

The refined management of the ICC will meet the requirements of the customer to the greatest extent. During the quotation stage, We will send the customer a standard packaging sample for the customer to choose. At the time of delivery, we will sent the electronic delivery document and Video, if necessary.

ICC provides standard and custom-made 2 types of packaging; standard packaging is free, and customized packaging is charged. We have detailed packing picture and charge standard;so if you have special packaging requirements, please be sure to explain when inquiring, otherwise, after the contract is confirmed, company will charge separately for the special requirements related to packaging.

Settlement of disputes arising from the safety of packaging or transportation. If you receive the intrinsic product, please confirm whether the outer packaging is damaged. If there is any damage, please keep the photo and complain to your customer manager.

If the outer packaging is complete, please confirm whether the attached documents are complete. If there is no document or is incomplete, please contact the customer manager.

If, after opening the inner package, it is found that the product has external macro problems such as edge scratches, etc., please take a photo and contact the customer manager, this is responsible for replacement or replenishment.

If there is no macro defect after the inner package is opened, the subsequent problems of edge-brushing and scratching will not be included in the return. If there is a problem within the material, please contact the customer manager.


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