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UV vacuum Calcium Fluoride

UV vacuum Calcium Fluoride

product description

It should be used in the wavelength range 130-200NM, sometimes up to 110NM.

The material is mostly used in UV spectral analysis and in KF/CF vacuum windows, requiring high transmittance and good irradiation resistance below 200NM.

Vacuum grade calcium fluoride requires high purity of the raw material and control of the mixing of other elements in the crystal growth process, and try to improve the transmittance below 200 NM.

Applications :

Ultraviolet vacuum observation window set

Ultraviolet calcium fluoride window

Ultraviolet calcium fluoride bar stock blank

Product Advantage :

Product Parameters :

How thick does my viewing window need to be?
This is based on the size, thickness, hardness, and atmospheric pressure of the material, and is calculated using a specific formula, consult your ICC technical sales person for details?
What kind of material do I need for a vacuum window?
Mostly monocrystalline oriented materials are recommended, if no pressure is required, polycrystalline is also possible
Why are my vacuum windows welded and why are the crystals cracking?
The risk of cracking is inherent in welding, but it can be reduced as much as possible by using proven techniques that require the coefficient of thermal expansion of the solder and the crystal to be as constant as possible, and by controlling the mechanical pressure as much as possible when making the seal. For special requirements, it is generally recommended to metallise the crystal first and then solder it, as this increases the yield significantly, but is of course also expensive.

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