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  • Metallization

    Metallized coating
    Through the application of vacuum sealing, the metalized window can be applied to microbolometer, infrared imaging equipment, etc. The function of the product is mainly used for 3-5 um or 8-14 um area image, temperature measurement, etc. It can be manufactured in a single type such as square, round, 6 inch, 8 inch, etc. in wafer level.
    -Type: wafer level, personal customization
    -Metalization: gold, palladium, nickel, titanium, platinum, etc.
    -Substrate: germanium, silicon, sapphire, etc.

  • Band pass filter
    Band pass filter

    The interference filter can transmit light in a very narrow or clearly defined transmission band, or reflect the desired wavelength region. Light outside this area will be blocked. Filters are used in many optical instruments, such as spectrometers and monochromators.
    The long wave pass filter is designed to pass higher wavelengths in one band and reflect shorter wavelengths, while the short wave pass filter is designed to pass a shorter wavelength and reflect higher wavelengths.
    ICC in the 5.0μm and 5.5μm IR long pass filters for PIR sensors and radiation monitors, and the short pass for flame detectors or gas analyzers made of sapphire, fused silica, silicon and bk7 glass Has extensive experience in filters.

  • Dielectric reflective film