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Aspherical lenses

Aspherical lenses

product description

Processing of copper and aluminum reflectors.
Processing of copper and aluminum free-form surface reflection mirrors, which alters the traditional lens. designing theory and is special purpose lenses in the field of laser and so on. 

Applications :

Product Advantage :

  • Testing

    2D profile measuring  & CNC optical centering lathe

    The product is used for measuring the surface of various types of optical parts such as the the plane, spherical surface, aspherical surface, etc. It is the necessary instrument for measuring various optical parts, with measuring diameter reaching 200mm, vector height 10mm, and accuracy 1μm.

    CNC optical centering lathe is used in measurement of deviation between the optical axis of lenses and the geometrical axis of frames, and processing and adjustment so as to improve the installation accuracy and imaging quality of optical camera parts.

Product Parameters :

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