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Calcium fluoride (CaF2)

Calcium fluoride (CaF2)

product description

ICC-Raman: No fluorescence at 193nm and above under 1W laser, widely used in fluorescence spectrometer.

ICC-E: High internal transmittance, low light energy loss, used in EXCIMER 193/248/355 excimer laser.

ICC-UV: applied to the 200-400nm ultraviolet lens.

ICC-VISIR: applied to the infrared and visible wavelength bands such as 400-10000nm.

ICC-LS: Low-stress and high-uniformity material. The average stress value is less than 2NM and the maximum stress value is less than 15NM. It is widely used in microscope objectives and precision imaging lenses.

Applications :

ICC has vacuum UV/UV/infrared grade calcium fluoride materials for laser, optical, medical, semiconductor, FTIR, arms control and security applications.

Product Advantage :

Calcium fluoride material:

Process: CZ

Size: Polycrystalline is smaller than D280mm ;

 Single crystal smaller than D170mm.

Crystal orientation: 111, 001, 110, 222, 400, etc.

Stress: <15nm/cm

Product Parameters :

The optical properties

Through the range

0.13 – 10.5µm
transmittance >94% @ 0.13-10.5mm
The refractive index

1.4288 @ 2.5mm

1.39908 @ 5mm

Reflection loss

5.4% @ 5mm (双面)

Absorption coefficient[cm-1] 7.8 x 10-4 @ 2.7mm
Physical properties


Melting point[℃]


Thermal conductivity[W/(m×K)]

9.71 @ 293K

Coefficient of thermal expansion[10-6/K]

18.5 @ 273K

Knoop hardness[kg/mm2]


Specific heat capacity[J/(kg×K)]


Dielectric constant

6.76 @ 1 MHz

Apparent elastic limit[MPa]


The poisson coefficient


The chemical characteristics


0.016 @ 20℃

The molecular weight



Cubic crystal system

Dissociative side


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