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Cylindrical lens

Cylindrical lens

product description

A cylindrical lens is typically used to focus, condense or expand incoming light.  A cylindrical lens has one cylindrical surface, causing light to be focused in a single dimension or axis.  It can also be used to expand the output of a laser diode into a symmetrical beam.
ICC supply various kinds shape of cylindrical lens like rectangular, square, rod or circular, that are widely accepted by high laser diode or scanner imaging manufacturer. These cylinder lenses size can be from 1.2mm to 350mm, and material can be of glass and crystal like bk7, UVFS, silicon, and caf2 etc.
One important note is the flatness of cylindrical, we use the spherical template to control the fringes and can supply ZyGo graphics

Applications :

Product Advantage :

ICC ultra-precision diamond cone CNC lathe
The surface roughness of the processed parts may reach the nanometer level, and the maximum diameter reaches up to 350mm. It is capable of processing varieties of high-precision flat, spherical and aspherical parts as well as off-axis and free-form surface parts of copper, aluminum, single crystal germanium, zinc selenide, resin,calcium fluoride, zinc sulfide, PMMA, chacolgenide glasses, and other similar materials. In the three-axis mode, it can also process off-axis parts, cylinders, meridian planes and other non-rotationally symmetric parts and free-form surfaces. Equipped with special tools, it is further capable of processing micro structural parts, such as diffractive parts, Fresnel lenses, etc.
Ultra-precision processing of aspherical lenses and IR lenses.
Processing of moulds to perform injection manufacturing of high-precision imaging

Product Parameters :




Plane concave



Circular cylinder



double concave

double convex

Semi-cylindrical surface

Rod lens

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