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Glass domes are widely used for commercial applications which require protective boundary between different environments; domes perform as windows, providing protection to electronic sensors or detectors without sacrificing field of view. Composed of two parallel optical surfaces, domes have no optical effect on design optical path. Typically in single-use defense applications and ocean exploration. Shapes can vary from hemispheric to custom size with coatings.
ICC work with various kinds of material dome made in Bk7, Fused, ZnS, Sapphire, HP-MgF2/ZnS by our material growth and CNC machines.

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Product Advantage :

HP-ZNS: Pressing the polycrystalline zinc sulfide is zinc sulfide of high purity raw materials, pressed under high temperature vacuum conditions, a wide band of infrared optical materials with excellent optical properties of the infrared lens, the impact resistance and the mechanical properties of the overload good thermal properties. Since the sphere can be directly compressed into a variety of window radius of curvature and large-size panels, it is widely used in a variety of sizes infrared detector window. In addition, the product is a good quality coating materials.
HP-MGF2: Hot Multi-magnesium fluoride crystal with infrared high transmittance, low coefficient of thermal radiation, good mechanical properties, low production cost, etc., is the material of choice for medium-wave infrared imaging guidance. At present, the products are mainly used in infrared point light-guided weapons, but with the rapid development of infrared imaging guidance technology, the future will be extensively used in infrared imaging guided missiles.

Fused Silica Domes is a good choice in the Solar Instruments. It including ultraviolet fused silica and infrared fused silica.

For the UV silica, it has a good transmittance from 180nm to 2650nm, then it is good choice the protected UV Radiometers.For the IR silica, it has broadband transmission from 200nm to 3600nm, it can keep the pyranometer has a wider spectral range, improved directional response, and reduced thermal offsets.

Sapphire dome: Sapphire has the characteristic of high hardness,high strength, high transmittance,with high resistance to thermal shock quality factor, excellent performance on themal-shock resistance and abrasion resistance.Sapphire domes can provide a very strong and durable protective environment to house other optical components, and are ideal for visible and near IR optics applications. It has widely application for submarine-based / airborne/ high speed operation of land-based optoelectronic devices.

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