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Magnesium fluoride (MgF2)

Magnesium fluoride (MgF2)

product description

MgF2-E: 193nm / 248nm / 355nm excimer, excellent uniformity, no small-angle grain boundaries;

MgF2-PS: PID 10.6eV and spectrum analyzer have low energy loss and stable light energy;

MgF2-W: Wave plate, high orientation accuracy, no small-angle grain boundaries, low stress;

MgF2-V: used in ultraviolet/infrared light sources, vacuum viewports, lenses, prisms, etc.;

MgF2-H: Hot pressing, mainly used for dome cover;

Applications :

ICC has ultraviolet/deep ultraviolet magnesium fluoride materials, which can be used in excimer lasers, glass slides, coating materials, target materials, etc.

Product Advantage :

The quality of ICC’s MgF2 material has been affirmed by famous customers from the United States, Germany, Japan, South Korea and other famous customers. At the same time, there will be a greater increase in production in 2020. The growth process of Bridgman and Czochralski will make our customers Get the best balance between performance and price.

Magnesium fluoride material:

Size: the maximum size of single crystal D120 mm;

Polycrystalline maximum size D200 mm.

Crystal direction: 001, 100, 110, etc.

Wave band: 121nm-1000nm

Product Parameters :

The optical properties

Through the range

0.12 – 9mm


> 94% @ 5mm    > 85% @ 0.2mm

The refractive index

no=1.566, ne=1.568 @ 0.13mm

no=1.334, ne=1.343 @ 5mm

Reflection loss

11.2% @ 0.12nm (双面)

5.7% @ 0.22μm (双面)

5.1% @ 1μm (双面)

Absorption coefficient[cm-1]

40 x 10 -3 @ 2.7μm

Physical properties


Melting point[℃]


Thermal conductivity[W/(m×K)]

21 //c, 33.6 ^c @ 300K

Coefficient of thermal expansion[10-6/K]

13.7//c, 8.9 ^c @ 373k

Knoop hardness[kg/mm2]


Specific heat capacity[J/(kg×K)]


Dielectric constant

4.87 //c, 5.44 ^c @ 1MHz

Apparent elastic limit[MPa]

49.6 (7200 psi)

The poisson coefficient


The chemical characteristics


0.002g @ 20℃

The molecular weight



Tetragonal crystal system

Dissociative side


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