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Silicon material(Si)

Silicon material(Si)

product description

Intrinsic silicon currently has three grades and is widely praised by customers.

SI-MIRROR grade: single crystal, mainly used in the galvanometer mirrors of various high and low power lasers, standard shapes or customized shapes, typical: no transmittance requirements.

SI-OPTICAL grade: single crystal, mainly used for infrared temperature measurement and imaging purposes such as optical lenses, filters, prisms, etc., typically: higher transmittance requirements.

SI-Wafer grade: single crystal, mainly used in semiconductors, IGBT modules, diodes and triodes, typical: resistance control is extremely strict.

Applications :

Product Advantage :

Process: CZ and FZ

Size: less than D350mm

Resistivity: 5-20Ω/cm ;

More than 6000Ω/cm, stable mass production;

More than 10000Ω/cm, there are a few processes,

ICC’s silicon raw material comes from Merck, Germany, with a purity of 9N and an annual output of 5 tons. It provides three types of silicon: N-TYPE, P-TYPE and INTRINSIC, and the direction can be 111, 100, 110, etc.


Product Parameters :

Physical properties
Coefficient of thermal expansion 25℃(/oK)


Thermal conductivity(W/m·K)


Melting point(℃)




Young’s modulus(GPa)


Poisson’s ratio


Shear modulus(GPa)


Mohs hardness


Optical properties
Transmittance wavelength range

1000-10000nm  30000-300000nm

Thermal light coefficient, dn/dT(1/K)


Absorption coefficient(1/cm)


Refractive index as a function of wavelength

External transmittance curve for Silicon

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