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Thallium doped sodium iodide crystal (NaI:TI) is a high performance scintillation crystal. These crystals are grown from sodium iodide (NaI) as a base material with an appropriate concentration of the activator thallium (TI) and have a maximum luminous wavelength of 415 nm, which is well matched to the photocathode of common photomultiplier tubes.

Nal:TI scintillators are colourless, transparent crystals with no absorption of their own light. Because of its high density and high effective atomic number, it has a strong absorption capacity and high energy resolution for X-rays and “rays, so it occupies an important position in radiation detection, it is an important basic material in the detection instruments of geology, mining, petroleum, coal, medical, security, industrial CT and environmental testing.

Applications :

Oil Logging

Sodium iodide crystals are used in oil logging for nuclear well calculation techniques (also known as radioactive logging techniques) to detect natural gamma radiation or radioactive sources to provide basic data for logging instruments. Provides reliable data for logging instruments to analyse downhole parameters such as rock formation and voidiness.

Environmental monitoring

X-“radiation air absorptiometry for environmental monitoring, using the absorption of radiation luminescence by sodium iodide crystals for environmental radiation intensity monitoring.

Security screening

Sodium iodide crystals receive X-rays that are blocked by objects to produce corresponding photons, which are used by the equipment to analyse and judge the objects that pass through.

Medical equipment

Blood is calibrated for radioactivity and the sodium sulphide crystal is used to measure the radioactivity in the blood to determine the level of bad luck in a component of the blood for the purpose of blood testing.

Product Advantage :

Our company has an annual production capacity of 12 tonnes of crystals and a long term stock of various gross bads to prepare for the various needs of different customers. The company has a professional technical research and development team to carry out new product development and pending continuity of quality Meng upgrading.

The company is equipped with testing equipment to ensure the qualified rate of products leaving the factory. Nitrogen leak detector: detects the hermeticity of the packaging shell.
Energy spectrum detector: can efficiently and accurately detect the quality of crystals.

Product Parameters :

Physical parameters Number
Molecular weight 149.9
Effective atomic number 51
Density [g/cm3] 3.67g/cm3
Melting point [°C] 651
Thermal conductivity [] 6.0*103
Refractive index 1.85 @415nm
Luminous decay time [ns] 230@ 25℃
Position of maximum luminous peak [nm] 415

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