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  • Laser reflection mirror
    Laser reflection mirror

    Laser Mirror is an important component of laser machining optical path system. It can make light reflect according to predetermined line and direction. Our laser mirror has high reflectivity and wiping resistant. It is suitable for working in harsh environment and has long life span. We can fabricate customized laser mirrors of different diameters and specifications according to customer requirement, and also provide perforated, trimmed and other heteromorphic mirrors. Pls inquire with us if you are in need.

  • Laser focus lens
    Laser focus lens

    We offer laser focusing lenses for use in laser sources, optical path design, spot shaping and other laser or die assemblies, as well as in laser equipment or systems such as cutting, welding and marking. Common substrates are glass, quartz, zinc selenide and, less commonly, monocrystalline silicon germanium. ……

    Our laser focusing lenses have excellent performance in the field of gas lasers, semiconductor lasers and fiber lasers. Typical applications are 248nm, 355nm, 808nm, 1064nm, 2940nm, 10.6um, spherical focusing lenses, cylindrical focusing lenses, and customer-specific focusing lenses.

  • Laser Window
    Laser Window

    Laser protection window is mainly used to block debris splash in laser cutting and prevent splash from damaging the lens. Both sides are coated with a high damage threshold (>15J/cm2) transmission enhancement film to reduce reflections. Widely used in laser cutting, laser marking and other applications. Product shapes are mostly circular, square, cylindrical, and wedge-angle shapes. Typical uses are in YAG and CO2 laser systems.


  • NaI:TI

    Thallium doped sodium iodide crystal (NaI:TI) is a high performance scintillation crystal. These crystals are grown from sodium iodide (NaI) as a base material with an appropriate concentration of the activator thallium (TI) and have a maximum luminous wavelength of 415 nm, which is well matched to the photocathode of common photomultiplier tubes.

    Nal:TI scintillators are colourless, transparent crystals with no absorption of their own light. Because of its high density and high effective atomic number, it has a strong absorption capacity and high energy resolution for X-rays and “rays, so it occupies an important position in radiation detection, it is an important basic material in the detection instruments of geology, mining, petroleum, coal, medical, security, industrial CT and environmental testing.

  • Calcium fluoride (CaF2)
    Calcium fluoride (CaF2)

    ICC-Raman: No fluorescence at 193nm and above under 1W laser, widely used in fluorescence spectrometer.

    ICC-E: High internal transmittance, low light energy loss, used in EXCIMER 193/248/355 excimer laser.

    ICC-UV: applied to the 200-400nm ultraviolet lens.

    ICC-VISIR: applied to the infrared and visible wavelength bands such as 400-10000nm.

    ICC-LS: Low-stress and high-uniformity material. The average stress value is less than 2NM and the maximum stress value is less than 15NM. It is widely used in microscope objectives and precision imaging lenses.